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For a Vapor Clean! Please email: info@vaporman.co.za
EnvironmentallyFriendly &Hygienically Clean Vapormanan Innovative Solution


Vapor Man (Pty) Ltd provides a mobile deep vapor cleaning service using superheated (dry) steam (+ - 180 degrees) for the effective cleaning of domestic & commercial kitchen equipment,

bathrooms, restrooms, washrooms, change & locker rooms as well as indoor & outdoor gas braais.

Our innovative technology and methods ensure a deep, thorough clean which leaves equipment and areas hygienic and fresh without the use of harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the environment, people and animals.

Steam is the efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning alternative to traditional methods using mops, buckets and detergents.

The introduction of our superheated steam cleaning technique will enable us to achieve and maintain the highest standards that are required by clients in this ever challenging environment.

The use of steam is innovative, time saving and a solution to many cleaning issues.


The Effects of Steam on Microbes and Infectious Bacteria

MRSA. E-coli, C-diff, VRE. These and other terms once heard only in laboratories and science classes have gone mainstream in recent years, making headlines and driving conversations. Infections transmitted by contaminated surfaces are a growing and serious threat to public health. Schools, restaurants, sport clubs, fast food outlets and other areas used by large quantities of people are under constant threat of infectious bacteria, germs and microbes. In addition to hand washing, killing or otherwise inactivating pathogens on surfaces on a regular bases through disinfection is one of the most effective methods of preventing the surface-mediated transmission of disease. Recent studies done at the University of Michigan have demonstrated that superheated steam rapidly and effectively destroys microbial biofilms. The efficacy of superheated steam is important because even strong chemicals such as bleach when allowed up to 20 minutes dwell time did not achieve the same degree of kill that superheated steam can accomplish in 3 seconds. A study done by Dr. Richard A. Robinson, Ph.D. at Brigham Young University says 'steam represents extremely rapid kill rate which cannot be duplicated by chemical disinfectants’ The advent of superheated steam systems marks a major advance in the constant fight against disease-causing microbes."

Before Vaporman and after Vaporman.